Amonbê | An Effective Facial Peel for Only a Few Cents
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An Effective Facial Peel for Only a Few Cents

Want to attain a radiant complexion and reduce wrinkles, tighten pores and get rid of those acne scars? Well you can do all of these with a little lemon juice!

Lemon is concentrated with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), which is why it rivals many cosmetic peels for skin! Some of the most expensive products in the market are generally based on the properties of these AHA. Citric acid has the ability to break the bonds that hold dead skin cells together and prevents the exposure of the lower layers of young skin. Through exfoliating a very thin layer of dead skin, citric acid also helps in restoring radiance to the facial complexion and stimulates blood exchange, which promotes the production of collagen. And lastly, it also reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and scars!

But beware! As intensive exfoliating creams of this type, the application of lemon juice also makes the skin particularly sensitive. So it is essential to avoid exposing your skin to the sun for 12 hours after application. Additionally, the application of lemon juice on sensitive skin may cause stinging and redness. However this will only last a couple of hours. In general, lemon juice is particularly well suited to non-sensitive and oily skin that is prone to acne. Be sure to avoid it if you suffer from rosacea, dry or extremely sensitive skin.

So how to get going with a lemon facial peel?

First off, squeeze 1/2 lemon (preferably organic!) and then dip cotton into the juice and apply it on the skin in the manner of a toner. Avoid applying it close to the eyes.

Alternatively, you can also cut thin lemon slices and gently rub onto the areas that need it the most (large pores, scars, pimples). Wait for 10 minutes if possible (yes it does sting!) and then proceed to rinse with water. You can apply a small amount of the most soothing moisturizer; however make sure it has no synthetic fragrance or alcohol in it! You can do this shock treatment once or twice a week maximum, for a one-month treatment if your skin tolerates it.

TIP: If you have dry and very sensitive skin, you should avoid the real lemon peel, as it is too astringent for the skin. In this case, exfoliate the skin using a mixture of 1 teaspoon of stirred yoghurt bio with a few drops of lemon juice and a little honey. Although you may get less impressive results, as there is a little lemon juice, this will still aid in attaining a good complexion.