Amonbê | Self-Doubt: The Most Dangerous of Emotions
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Self-Doubt: The Most Dangerous of Emotions

Every now and again we engage in an internal dialogue with ourselves, which can take form in either; “What do they think of me?”, “You’re fat and ugly, its only normal that nobody cares about you”, or “You will never succeed, never!”

And yet, the ramifications of feeling inadequate and unworthy is even more worrying! Lack of self-esteem and negative thinking do a great deal of damage to our health; not only do they disrupt our sleep and appetite, but our ability to experience long-term happiness and satisfaction as well.

Negative thoughts send alarm signals to the brain, which stimulate the release of destructive neurochemicals. These neurochemicals end up interfering with the decision making centres in our frontal lobe, which in effect, increases the propensity to act irrationally whilst also damaging key structures in our brain that regulate your memory, feelings, and emotions. Negative thinking is also self perpetuating, and so the more you engage, the more difficult it becomes to stop.

In order to interrupt our natural propensity to devalue ourselves and to worry and stress, two important measures can be taken.

Turn your emotions in your favour

The first is engage in a more constructive internal dialogue with ourselves, this time turning negative thoughts into positive affirmations!  You must repetitiously and consciously generate as many positive words and thoughts as you can, as positive thinking propels the motivational centres of the brain into action and can help in building resilience. Generating at least five positive messages for each negative utterance you make will go a long way in helping to overcome damage. Even if these positive thoughts are irrational, they will still enhance your sense of happiness, wellbeing and life satisfaction.

Put yourself in the shoes of others

If you do have trouble convincing yourself to keep up with such positivity, then take this into consideration: if you have felt self-conscious in a recent situation, just imagine putting yourself in the shoes of others. Do you honestly believe that that individual spent their entire day judging your appearance, actions or thoughts you have voiced out? Probably not. Just remember that everyone has their own problems and worries to deal with, which they are likely to prioritise over scrutinising your every word and action!

Beauty – Inside and Out

Beauty has no age! Whilst it is legitimate to worry about your physical appearance, surgery and operations are expensive and dangerous, and results can be disastrous! In fact, the appearance of your face, the texture of your skin, your hair, your nails and even your smile are all strongly influenced by your mental state of health and not just by physical activity or nutrition!