Amonbê | Sugaring: Smooth and Dewy Skin without Suffering!
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Sugaring: Smooth and Dewy Skin without Suffering!

The saying “you have to suffer to be beautiful” often makes sense when it comes to hair removal. However, there are simple ways to reduce suffering, which also prove to be quite good for your skin. Many commercial hair-removal applications such as disposable razors and wax strips are indeed environmentally unfriendly and at times filled with toxic chemicals! So why not try sugaring, an ancient and effective method of hair removal!

The pain incurred during hair removal is only natural, however you can decrease this pain by practicing ‘sugar wax’ removal, which has been the hair-removal choice for many ancient women, dating back to 1900 B.C.E. It is known as sukkar or halawa in the Middle East, agda in Turkey and as moum in Iran. This inexpensive form of wax has great virtues: it removes hair without attaching to the skin, reduces the risk of burn and is also hypoallergenic, making it an excellent option for sensitive skin. It is also a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and leaving it soft and dewy, rather than raw and tender to the touch. It is also quite sanitary, since bacteria do not thrive or breed in sugar. And its preparation is quite simple!


Pour 300 grams of fine sugar into a pan and proceed to pour 100ml water. This should be enough to just cover the sugar. Then add 1 tablespoon of liquid honey and begin to stir the mixture thoroughly. Be sure to check out for lumps! Then bring the mixture to a boil while mixing the solution. Once foam rises from the mixture, lower the heat and add the juice of 1/2 lemon. Increase the heat once again to bring the mixture back to boil. Keep boiling for about 15 minutes to get a smooth and golden caramel-like colour.  You can test the wax by taking a drop with a fork, and dripping it onto the back of a wet plate. If the drop of wax freezes, then it is ready! If not, continue boiling a bit more. Once ready, remove from the wax from the pan and pour it into a chilled tupperware and wait for it to cool down.Once the wax is warm, wet your fingers with cold water and draw a ball of wax and apply the pearly and soft wax onto the desired area, in the direction of hair growth. Once it has been spread, ‘flick’ or pull it in the opposite direction!

Some tips to avoid pain before Sugaring:
  • Perform pre-gentle cleansing of the area you wish to treat by spraying an organic hydrosol, (such as organic rosemary verbenone hydrosol), to gently cleanse the skin.
  • Next step – exfoliate your skin, using an all-natural scrub  so as rid your hair follicles of any dead skin. You can make your own natural scrub by mixing finely powdered sugar in equal parts with almond or olive oil.
  • You can also apply an ice cube onto the desired area, as ‘cool’ is a natural anesthetic!