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The Natural Anti-Wrinkle Program

Cosmetics commercials promise wonders – your wrinkles will be ‘deleted’ and your skin left smooth. And yet, these vague formulas obscure the most obvious fact, namely that there is no cosmetic product/procedure that can permanently ‘delete’ a wrinkle.

Getting to Know your Wrinkles

There are several types of wrinkles – some wrinkles are due to the repeated folds facing the skin when one speaks, smiles or winces. These are known as ‘expression’ wrinkles, and are often located at the corners of the eyes or mouth.

Botox simply inhibits nerve impulses, preventing the skin from wrinkling and smoothing the desired area temporarily … until the next injection! Other wrinkles, often deeper, are due to a change in the skin structure (collagen loss) combined with irremediable power of gravity; the less elastic skin sags down and wrinkles.

The battle is already lost for cosmetic products that remain on the surface and never reach the damaged dermis, but some filler injections are at times offered – hyaluronic acid being one example. We sometimes see the damage of this type of care: all aesthetic doctors are not virtuosos! Should we therefore never smile for fear of accelerating the onset of wrinkles or simply indulge in aesthetic medicine scalpel?

No. It is possible to visually reduce wrinkles and prevent their development by adopting a few simple measures. A cream? A miracle serum? No. The first anti-wrinkle measure is facial exercise, while the next is scrubs and massages based on vegetable oils rich in vitamins and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids!

Anti-Wrinkle Measure # 1: Facial Gymnastics

Imagine if you have never used the muscles in your body. Soon, your arms and legs look like cooked noodles… Our face, too, is full of muscles and far too often, we forget to stimulate them in order for our skin to maintain firm and elastic. Have you complained that you have lost the oval shape of your face or that your cheeks are falling? Well, this is not surprising if you’ve never done exercises to keep the tissue in place. Facial gymnastics is a little known discipline that offers targeted exercises to tone one or more facial muscles!

You will need to work:

  • The muscles around the mouth
  • The cheekbone
  • The jaw muscles
  • The muscles of the cheeks
  • The muscles around the eye
  • And even the muscles around the eyebrows and forehead

It’s incredibly effective. The results are visible even on mature skin already wrinkled as regular exercised muscles resume elasticity and volume quickly. It is also necessary to know the right exercises and practice them for 10 minutes every day.

Anti-Wrinkle Measure # 2: Facial Exfoliation

A good scrub is not just for cleansing the skin. It removes dead skin cells on the surface and by mechanical action, it can at times stimulate the exchange of blood into the dermis where it is important to keep toned. Aesthetic doctors practice peels with glycolic acid or fruit acids for many years now and these procedures aim to ‘facelift’. These peels eliminate the more or less superficial layer of skin, and then after, the regenerated skin looks much younger. Nevertheless, these interventions are expensive and not natural for most part.

At home, it is possible to adopt a regular routine exfoliation for a long-time effect by exfoliating the skin twice a week. The first scrub may be mechanical, unless you suffer from acne, rosacea or rosacea acute. This scrub is done with a mixture in which the grains present in the scrub must be very fine and regular. For example, you can mix a teaspoon of baking soda to one teaspoon of argan oil. Be sure to exfoliate gently, in order not to damage the skin. Massage the scrub for at least 2 minutes, targeting wrinkles on the forehead or mouth through small circular motions. Finally, rinse thoroughly leaving the skin soft and with an even complexion.

The second scrub of the week can be enzyme, i.e. capable of acting alone with acidity, without mechanical action. You can produce this scrub by mixing a teaspoon of lemon to fruit acids, a tablespoon of yogurt-brewed coffee to lactic acid, and a teaspoon of honey. The liquid preparation should be applied by brush on the face. Be sure not to get it in your eyes and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then rise with water before drying and hydrating with suitable and natural moisturiser. This gentle exfoliation evens the complexion and stimulates cell renewal.

Anti-Wrinkle Measure # 3: Facial Massage

You’ve probably got used to applying a daily moisturiser and protective care on your face and neck, which is very good! However, does this treatment contain all the nutrients your skin needs? And upon application, do you massage it on correctly?

A good anti-wrinkle care is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, and it is accompanied by a relatively intensive facial massage in order to stimulate the skin. Here are some tips to put into practice every day, at least once in the evening. Select a moisturiser rich in nutrients for the skin. Excellent anti-ageing ingredients are made up of vegetable oils, which include rosehip (Rosa rubiginosa), wild rose (Rosa canina), sea buckthorn, raspberry seed, evening primrose (Oenothera biennis), borage (Borago officinalis) or argan (Argania spinosa).

Before applying your anti-ageing cream, make sure you heat it up in the palms of your hands before spreading it over your face and neck. Use the flat of your palms as if to caress your face. Once the product is spread, use your fingertips to massage your face. The massage should last at least 2 minutes. Start with the middle of the forehead and go down to your temples. Pinch your eyebrows, smoothing from the inside to the outside. Gently tap your eye, from the outside inwards, and then in the other direction. Then go onto massage your cheeks from the bottom up, and feel the muscles of your cheekbones. Finish the massage through smoothing movements on the chin and neck, from bottom to top. Regardless of the technique, you should always massage repeatedly and symmetrically using flat palms, without irritating the skin. Facial massages are a real pleasure, and it’s even better when you know that such stimulation increases the exchange of blood and oxygen which proves to be a major anti-wrinkle measure.

And so, to summarise, the New Anti-Wrinkle Program is:

  • 10 minutes of facial exercise per day
  • Two sessions of gentle exfoliation week
  • A massage at least 2 minutes a day with a quality product

This method is not magic and requires a relatively large investment, but it will make you a world of good. Good news, it does not cost as much and is not as far fetched as all the solutions you can find in chemical-filled cosmetics that promise ‘eternal’ youth.