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Researching the ancient arts of wellbeing and beautification and helping to preserve medicinal and aromatic plants in their natural habitat


Throughout millennia, man’s cohabitation with nature has been kept in balance due to the moderate use of resources. Today, however, this delicate equilibrium is threatened by the overexploitation of our craving consumer society. We are witnessing deeply worrying trends: the depletion of the earth’s forests, the loss of traditional knowledge, the erosion of rural social structures, the disappearance of cultural pluralism and the extinction of animal and plant species.


By destroying the harmony between man and the environment, human species run the risk of creating their own destruction. And so restoring this equilibrium is our most challenging task today. We must question our attitude towards the ecosystem and establish a benign symbiosis with its resources.


We are delighted to announce the rediscovery of these long forgotten medicinal and aromatic plants, and their fascinating potential in both beauty and health care. Once venerated by the greatest civilisations on earth, the use and preservation of these divine resources reflect the responsible approach to authentic luxury today, which not only includes grace and refinement, but also an overall fair and sustainable philosophy from source to shelf.


The quintessence of responsible luxury can be defined as ‘nature, knowledge and health’, reflecting the philosophy of Amonbê’s three main pillars: Global Gardens, Kanon Kosmetica and Beholding Beauty.

To Catalogue

the amassed data for future generations, while guaranteeing a fair return for the indigenous innovators.

To Promote

the sustainable use of medicinal and aromatic plants through raising awareness of their potential (from source to shelf).

To Advocate

a deeper global scientific study of empirical know-how and preserve ancestral knowledge concerning wellbeing and health care.

To Learn

from indigenous groups and the keepers of traditional knowledge in order to help restore the unity of man and nature.

Join Us

Amonbê together with the support of international scientists and local experts such as hakims, shamans, midwives and marabouts, will be introducing three vital programs, Global Gardens, Kanon Kosmetica and Beholding Beauty. We encourage everyone to engage in the preservation of traditional know-how and the sustainable use of medicinal and aromatic plants serving human health care and wellbeing.