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Kanon Kosmetica

An encyclopaedic inventory of ancestral and indigenous knowledge of plants


The Kanon Kosmetica is an encyclopaedic inventory of plants, listing their active ingredients, origins, uses as well as their applications in health care and cosmetics recipes. We have named this project the ‘Kanon Kosmetica’, in deliberate reference to the great Ibn Sinna’s Qanun fi Al-Tibb, also known in the West as Avicenna’s ‘Canon of Medicine’. The Kanon Kosmetica seeks to safeguard this invaluable treasure for mankind and all future generations to come. We encourage everyone to participate in the revival of this vital knowledge.

Beauty and Adornment

From the dawn of history, humanity has had a fascination with perfumes, balms, lotions, potions and ornamentation. For millennia, cosmetics have been used as a communication tool between humans as well as the spiritual world. Make-up paints were used to embellish the face in order to emphasise its features whilst aromatic plants and minerals prevented physical and mental diseases. Ointments were applied to protect and soften the skin, preserving its freshness and rejuvenating its appearance. Overall cosmetics have been used for beautification, prevention and communication purposes.


During the classical period the term covered much more than just adornments. It reached into areas of physiology and the psyche. It was the Ancient Greeks who forged an intellectual link between the universe Kosmos, understood as something organised and beautiful, and the fundamental moral nature of people and culture, Éthos. The fusion of these two terms, Kosmos and Ethos, was a logical solution giving us the new word Kosmetik, which richly illustrated both the mystical rituals of beautification and the codes of human culture.

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