Amonbê | All-natural Cosmetic DIY Gifts for the Time of Celebrations
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All-natural Cosmetic DIY Gifts for the Time of Celebrations

With the holiday season approaching, are you stuck for ideas on what gifts you will be giving to your loved ones? Well then, no need to fret! Here are two simple, all-natural DIY recipes for two unique cosmetic goodies that can’t be bought with money!

Christmas-Scented Bath Bombs

Bath balls are a source of incredible sweetness and pleasure. Scented with essential oils in the spirit of Christmas, they will allow you and your loved ones to indulge in a sweet, warm and invigorating bath, with plenty of relaxation. By making 6-7 bath balls, the size of a large madeleine, and packing them up in a basket, you can present them to your friends and family.

Ingredients for 6-7 balls:
  • Approximately 50ml of mineral water in a spray
  • 1 or 2 food dye(s) of your choice
  • 125g of sodium bicarbonate/baking soda 125g of fine citric acid crystals (you can find at the pharmacy)
  • 155g of corn starch
  • 5 drops of cinnamon bark essential oil
  • 10 drops of white fir essential oil
  • 10 drops of sweet orange essential oil
  • 6-7 large muffin/cupcake moulds (metal/plastic). Be sure to steer clear from silicone moulds as they are not too soft…
  1. In a bowl, mix the fine citric acid crystals together with baking soda and corn starch evenly using your hands or a fork.
  2. Add drops of the essential oils onto the surface of the powder and mix again. Into the spray of mineral water, pour a few drops of the food-dye of your choice. You can even prepare two different kinds, if you prefer.
  3. If you would like your bathing balls to have different colours, place half of the mixture into another container and set aside. Otherwise, leave all the powder in the bowl.
  4. To moisten the mixture, add about 4-6 sprays of food-dye infused water. Be sure to mix well each time to distribute the moisture and then repeat again until a paste forms in your hands. It is important not too wet the powder too much, as a dough-like texture is enough so that you can form a ball in your hands.
  5. If you have separated your mixture into two parts, then proceed with the second batch to colour it with another colour.
  6. After the mixture(s) are ready, pack the dough well into your moulds. Let them sit and dry for three hours in a well ventilated area (for instance, a hallway).
  7. Carefully un-mould and present your balls in either small basket or on a flat surface.


When immersed in hot water, these balls will start to fizz, colour the bathwater slightly and perhaps most importantly, will leave the whole bathroom scented in a soft Christmas scent. Enjoy the feeling of bubbles on the skin!

A Mist of Scented Christmas

You can make a perfect home fragrance to perfume the house, tree or even car during the holidays. The mist is natural, homemade, phthalate-free and much less polluting than anything generally offered in stores. Presenting it in a nice spray bottle, it will prove to be a special gift for your loved ones!

Ingredients for a 100ml spray:
  • A 100ml spray glass/aluminium bottle
  • A suitable funnel
  • 5 tablespoons (approx. 10 ml) of neroli/orange blossom hydrosol
  • 4 tablespoons pure vodka
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin
  • 20 drops of clove essential oil
  • 20 drops of white fir essential oil
  • 35 drops of sweet orange essential oil
  1. Using a funnel, pour the drops and tablespoons of the essential oils, glycerine, pure vodka and finally neroli hydrosol into the bottle.
  2. Close the bottle and shake well.
  3. Leave the bottle for at least 10 hours in a refrigerator in order to set the fragrance.
  4. Once rested, you can spray the mists to your home, car mats, Christmas tree and centrepiece in order to create a Christmas atmosphere. Be sure to shake well before each use and to avoid contact with your skin as well as your face and eyes.


This deliciously scented mist lasts for six months (stored away from heat and direct light). It is a joy in the house. You can either gift it or simply keep it for yourself!