Amonbê | Ocimum basilicum: Basil
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Ocimum basilicum: Basil

Although most of you may recognise basil as the prominent ingredient in pesto sauce, its uses extend well beyond the kitchen, and for good reason. Here are 7 quintessential facts about basil that you might not have known…

    1. Even though basil is indigenous to Asia, this medicinal and aromatic plant’s use traces back to pharaonic times.
    2. The word ‘basil’ derives from the Greek word ‘basileus’, meaning ‘king’, which may also help to explain why classical writers referred to this plant as the “royal” herb.
    3. And it has quite the reputation for being an aphrodisiac.
    4. Its leaves contain tonic, antiseptic and digestive properties, which render it an effective remedy for insect bites, ingestion, as well as depression, insomnia and anxiety.
    5. Our ancestors once used this herb to relieve nausea, to ease headaches and to relieve menstrual pain.
    6. A pot of basil placed on a window sill can act as an effective insect repellent.
    7. For skin, basil is a great detoxifying, circulation-promoting toner and has been known to aid in the treatment of acne.

Basil’s remarkable versatility make it one of our favourite summer herbs.