Amonbê | Smoother Hair with Kardoune
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Smoother Hair with Kardoune

Sick and tired of damaging your hair using the straightening iron? Then you must absolutely try the kardoune. Never heard of it?  Well, the kardoune is a ribbon that is wrapped to hair and is the ideal solution to smooth hair naturally.

The kardoune originates from Algeria, but it is also used in other countries of the Maghreb, sometimes under different names. On average, the ribbon measures at 2.50 m whilst smaller ones measure at 1.50 m and the largest up to 4 m. It depends on the length of your hair.

The advantage of using a kardoune is that it works on any type of hair. The method is pretty simple: the ribbon is wound on moist hair starting from the base of the ponytail, going down the length. Be careful that your hair is not too wet, otherwise it will not dry. If you have curly hair, do not expect a miracle. You will have natural waves instead of thick curls.

Wrapping a kardoune:

Step 1: To begin with, comb your hair well, making sure it is completely detangled.

Step 2: Tie your hair into a fairly low ponytail.

Step 3: At the base of your ponytail, begin by wrapping the kardoune, winding downwards to the ends. The most important part to the kardoune is to wrap it just right—strong but not too tight, as it will leave a mark. But too loose, and the kardoune will not hold and you will have to start wrapping again, which can be a nuisance.

Step 4: Once you have wrapped your ponytail, tie a knot by joining the ends. You can also use a rubber band.

Once wrapped, spend the night in your kardoune, which will also protect your hair from breakage. The following morning, remove your kardoune and you will be left with shiny, detangled and soft hair. The best part to the kardoune, is that in addition to being a natural solution, it is really cheap!