Amonbê | A Post-Summer Recovery
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A Post-Summer Recovery

As your tan fades and fall approaches, we’d thought to list you a few tips on how to resuscitate yourself for autumn!

A Final Goodbye to Rosé and Ice Cream

There’s nothing to be upset about if you’ve abused rosé and ice cream during the summer holidays. What is done is done! The most important thing is get back to your healthy ways! We propose a herbal tea detox! If, for example, you drank more than you usually do, you can try rosemary tea, an excellent tonic for the liver or even the root of burdock, a reputable depurative that acts as well on the kidneys as the intestine and liver. Allow at least 15 days between each post-summer detox tea.

For your menus, why not amp on vegetables such as turnip, cauliflower and kohlrabi to give a boost to your immune system. In general, fill up with vitamins with all the fruits and vegetables of the season: figs, raspberries, pomegranates, plums, artichokes (again a stimulant of the liver!) and Brussel sprouts!

A Better Sleeping Pattern

If you have gotten used to sleeping late this summer, you can just start by getting to sleep at an earlier time. This also means going out less at night. Depending on your habits, you may need to readjust, and the earlier you start, the better!

Post-Summer Hair Repair

Chlorine, sun, salt, ponytail elastics—all can lead to frayed and fried ends and so a trim is a great way to rehabilitate your hair back into shape and make it shine but we also propose a great DIY hair mask!

Mix the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • ½ tablespoon of olive oil
  • ½ tablespoon argan oil
  • 2 drops of clary sage essential oil
  • 2 drops of rosewood essential oil

You should apply this oil onto wet hair for at least 30 minutes once a week, until your hair gets back to its silky texture!